Our bakery permanently closed on 11/28/2015

We want to express our sincere thanks to all our loyal customers who have helped make the bakery a success!

Things have gotten busier and busier year after year, and we appreciate all the support. Levi's construction business is also really taking off, so we've decided to sell our home and bakery if we find someone who's interested. We want to slow down a bit and be able to spend more time with our children while they are still young.

We're not sure if or when we'll find a buyer, but we want to let everyone know that that's our plan for the near future. Right now we're thinking about selling five acres with the home/bakery and outbuildings, but if someone also wanted pastureland, we would get that surveyed and come up with a per acre price.

We're excited for this next step! We certainly don't plan on leaving the Danville area -- too many friends and family here for that! We're just ready to start taking things a little slower and focus on our children, and on managing just one growing business instead of two.


The Troyer Family

P.S. Laura's sister sells baked goods using similar recipes at Eli and Edna Raber's Country Bakery and Bulk Foods, just south of Danville on Route 62. Their address is 12864 Millersburg Rd, Danville, Ohio, 43014. Please stop in and say hi!